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 yep you guessed it Rules! lol

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PostSubject: yep you guessed it Rules! lol   Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:41 pm

Like any other Impossible to guage linkshell there are a few rules to obide by.
were not out to put an end to your other events in game but we do require some sort of dedication to actually do the schedualed events to the best of our ability. We are a "help your fellow players" type linkshell so when someone puts up a post that he/she needs a certain mission etc.. done please try your best to help that person out, it will bennifit the entire linkshell in the end with more players to attend events Ie. "Sky" or "Sea".

This is a points based linkshell, basicly if you dont attend schedueled events you dont get points resulting in not getting that certain weapon or armor you dream of. So please do your best to be ontime and stay the whole time Smile

There is a forum for excused absences, please feel free to use it. Extended unexcused absences will result in "lockdown or at the worst put on inactive list"

Thats about it^^ pretty run of the mill with "Good" linkshells , looking forward to Adventuring with all of you Very Happy
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yep you guessed it Rules! lol
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