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 old threats

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PostSubject: old threats   Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:14 am

If you are one of the players that is not sure about what to choose after tf tried to split our linkshell apart yesterday, u don't have to look much further then the official player warnings about this game on, apparently she recently jumped to our server, after doing the same thing she tried to do yesterday to us, to another linkshell on her previous server, so much so that people had to actually take their time to post a warning about her and her efforts to split their linkshell up. You can read it for yourself here
If u would like to find out more about me, or u don't know me that well, feel free to ask any of our members or pearlsack holders how they feel, or come adventure with us. 8+ years on the same server and the same linkshell speaks for itself cheers
and if yr new (sorry if it looks like drama, it's really not) it's simply an explanation of a recent chain of events.
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old threats
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