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 Dynamis-Buburimu Guide

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PostSubject: Dynamis-Buburimu Guide   Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:24 pm

Posting this as motivation for people to get Dreamlands Access, if we have enough members past CoP 3-5 we will add these zones into the rotation.


We start at the Mhaura Zone around ( I-8 ) - ( H-8 ). You have 1 hour at start.

The first priority should be to recover everyone's SubJob. Placed in the Dynamis zone is a ??? which can be located in one of 3 areas -

??? SubJob Recovery Positions

(L-9) - Lighthouse
(G-9) - Bard Quest Song Rune
(J-5) - NE Corner above Onzozo, by the stone Monument

A single person touching the ??? will grant the entire zone access to a SubJob. To begin the run, gather 3 players to quickly go to these spots and look for the ???. It is possible to reach these areas without aggroing mobs. Have the main group stay at the Mhaura zone area while the ??? is quickly found. This should be very fast; it is possible to get the ??? before everyone is even in the zone.

Now for the boss.

Dynamis Buburimu contains a roaming boss called Apocolyptic Beast, who has access to all 10 dragon attacks and all 15 job 2 hours. This boss roams around the entire zone and can be killed at any time. You can actually enter Buburimu and go straight for the boss if you want to. The boss starts off extremely strong, especially with access to the devastating dragon TP attacks such as body slam and all 15 2hrs. However, the Apocolyptic Beast can be weakened in the following way - there are 15 Beastman NMs (One of each job) and 10 Dragon NMs (who have access to 1 Dragon TP attack) throughout the zone. Defeating any NM will prevent Apocolyptic Beast from using that special ability.

List of Dragon NMs

Barong - Body Slam (E-9)
Vishap - Poison Breath (50HP/tick) (J-7)-(K-7)
Tarasca - Heavy Stomp (AoE + Paralyze) (F-7)-(G-7)
Stollenwurm - Lodesong (Graviga) (H-9)-(I-9)
Aitvaras - Voidsong (Dispelga) (H-7)-( I-8 )

Stihi - Flame Breath (G-6)-(H-6)
Alklha - Chaos Blade (F-6)
(Basilic - Petro Eyes (Petrify) (I-6)-(I-7)
Koshchei - Thornsong (Blazespikes) (H-9)
Jurik - Wind Breath (J-6)-(K-6)

Note that Apocolyptic Beast will still use these attacks even if the NM is killed but they will have no effect.
Dragons can be stunned. Spamming Flash and stun is advised.

Beastman NM placement

(E-7) - BLM - Flamecaller Zoeqdoq
(?-?) - DRG - Elvaansticker Bxafraff
(F-7) - MNK - Hamfist Gukhbuk
(G-7) - RNG - Lyncean Juwgneg

(?-?) - BST - Woodnix Shrillwhistle
( H-8 ) - DRK - Shamblix Rottenheart
(H-7) - RDM - Gosspix Blabberlips

(L-9) - BRD - Ree Nata the Melomaniac
(K-9) - NIN - Doo Peku the Fleetfoot
(K-9) - SAM - Koo Rahi the Levinblade
(K-9) - SMN - Baa Dava the Bibliophage

(?-?) - PLD - Te'Zha Ironclad
(?-?) - THF - Va'Rhu Bodysnather
(I-7) - WAR - Qu'Pho Bloodspiller
( J-8 ) - WHM - Gi'Bhe Fleshfeaster

There is no way to kill all 25 NMs in the zone before engaging the Beast due to time constraints. The best strategy is to pick which moves are most devistating and try to disable them before attempting the boss (BENEDICTION). The Beast lacks fast run speed, but is immune to gravity and very-highly resistant to stun. The best strategy is to use something similar to the Dynamis Lord strategy (damage rush).

Astral Flow - Howling Moon for about 600-1200
Chainspell - will immidiately cast a series of all -ga enfeeble spells like breakga, sleepga, etc.
Manafont - will stop and chain cast Death and all varieties of -ga3 magic
Mijin Gakure - 4000 damage all targets

There is a specific order in which the Beast will use the 15 hours. They are as follows


(Notice this order is not random. Go to your job screen and read them off left to right - it is the same order)

If a particular 2hr is gone, it will just skip and use the next. If the SMN 2hr is completed, it will loop back to WAR. Note that the 2 most devastating damage 2 hours, NIN and SMN, are at the end. You must kill the WHM NM or it can infinitely use Benediction.

Finally, this is my recommended priority list of attacks/moves which should be disabled before engaging in order of need.

Heavy Stomp
Body Slam

Once the Beast is dead, the ??? drops on the ground and you receive +60 minutes to farm.

Map of start points for roaming mobs it should help with pulling the dragons we need to kill.


Killing the Beast causes "Nightmare" monsters to appear. These mobs have a very high drop rate (REALLY HIGH) of dropping the new Dynamis items - AF2-1 and Capes/Belts. They appear to drop specifically. These nightmare mobs hit HARD and have really bad TP moves.

Map of mobs before Mega Boss is killed.

Map of mobs after Mega Boss is killed.

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Dynamis-Buburimu Guide
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