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 Dynamis-Beaucedine Attestation Guide

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PostSubject: Dynamis-Beaucedine Attestation Guide   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:26 am

This Strat Guide has info for farming Attestations for when the time comes and someone finally has a Relic weapon upgraded to that point.

Attestation Strategy

Spawning the Attestation Hydra NMs is accomplished by killing the Vanguard Eye (479) in the tower furthest northwest in Dynamis-Beaucedine. This is easiest accomplished by taking a small, high-powered group (no more than one party, including support) through the Hydra area for the sole purpose of clearing nothing but the trigger Vanguard Eye. The generally recommended strategy involves training most of the Vanguard Eyes on the path, along with their Hydra, with two intentional wipes prior to arriving at the trigger Vanguard Eye.

* Alliances clear Vanguard Eye 347 on the ramp leading towards Xarcabard.
* (Optional) Alliances clear Vanguard Eyes 389 and 392.
* Train Vanguard Eyes along the white route, stopping at the ramp indicated by Waypoint #1. All members should have Flee (through a job ability or use of an item), and use Poison/Venom Potions to avoid being slept along the way. In addition, all members should have Reraise to be able to continue to progress, in the event something goes wrong.
* Stop at Waypoint #1 and die.
* Once medication and Weakness effects have worn off, repeat the process to the area marked as Waypoint #2.
* Once Weakness wears off, camp east of the tower. One player will need to aggro the Vanguard Eye by proximity and drag the spawning Hydra south. The hourglass can be dropped after pulling the Hydra out of the tower to prevent being KO'd and stranded in the area.
* Another player must be close enough in range to pull the Vanguard Eye out of the link and bring it back to the remaining group to be killed without initially aggroing the Hydra spawned by the Vanguard Eye. Note: There is a delay between the initial spawn and time Hydra enemies acquire their targets.
* Once the Vanguard Eye is killed, the Attestation NMs will spawn in their towers, and players can Warp/Teleport or drop their hourglasses and reenter Dynamis to rejoin the other alliances.

Attestation NM Trigger

Attestation NMs

These NMs each have three jobs and can spam all 3 2hour abilities and more than once.

Name Jobs Attestation (POS)

Dagourmarche DRG/SMN/BST (G-9)
Bravery (Axe), Fortitude (Polearm), Virtue (Staff)

Goublefaupe PLD/RDM/WAR (I-7)
Glory (Sword), Force (Great Axe), Righteousness (Great Sword), Invulnerability (Shield)

Mildaunegeux NIN/MNK/THF (H-10)
Legerity (Katana), Might (Hand-to-Hand), Accuracy (Gun)

Quiebitiel WHM/BLM/BRD ( H-8 )
Sacrifice (Club), Harmony (Horn), Celerity (Dagger)

Velosareon DRK/SAM/RNG ( J-8 )
Transcendence (Bow), Decisiveness (Great Katana), Vigor (Scythe)

General Advice

* All Vanguard pets (Crows, Hecteyes, Scorpions, Slimes) including Hydras' Hounds (casts Blindga) appear in this zone. Keep them away from the main alliances and consistently slept/lullabied and silenced.
* Vanguard Eyes have substantially greater HP than their counterparts in Dynamis-Xarcabard (~200-300%). They cannot be easily killed by the minimum number of BLMs required for the same task in Dynamis-Xarcabard.
* Time extension Vanguard Eye 381 must be first spawned by defeating Vanguard Eye 353.
* Time extension Vanguard Eye 456 must be first spawned by defeating Vanguard Eyes 432, 435, and 457.
* Attestation NMs can be easily be pulled from their accompanying Hydra through a sacrifice pull. Proper positioning may be necessary for NMs that can move at a faster rate of speed (Goublefaupe). It may also be necessary to assign several players to pull additional pets when fighting Dagourmarche.
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Dynamis-Beaucedine Attestation Guide
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