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PostSubject: Dynamis-Beaucedine   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:31 am

Area dangers

Vanguard Eyes are sleep and silence immune. They can also cast sleepga, so you may want to use poison potions before pulling. They have a TP attack called 'Airy Shield' which makes them immune to ranged attacks, 'Level 5 Petrify' which causes characters of levels that are multiples of 5 to be petrified, 'Mind Break' - Max MP down, and 'Magic Barrier' which makes them immune to magic. Hydras are sleep immune and must be marathoned by teams. Some Hydra TP attacks are 'Aegis Schism' - Defense down, and 'Carnal nightmare' - AOE TP reset to 0.


START - Start here. Wait for enough people to enter.

1 - Nothing too special in the first few pulls. They sometimes link, but it's nothing too hard.

1.5 - The second set of pulls has a NIN and a BST first, kill the BST fast, barfira for the NIN. Next there's a MNK, kite it. Last in this set has a SMN, sleep avatar and kill it fast!

2 - MNK NM and 15 min extension pull. Sleep NM, kill all the other mobs first.

2.5 - BST in next pull, kill it fast so we can kill the pet!

3 - DRG and BST NMs here, they might link. Kill the BST NM first(Soo is BST), sleep the MNK for last.

3.5 - After the first 2 pulls, the BLMs can run upstairs to time nuke the next EXT. In the meantime, there's a few easy pulls down here, MP/HP statues and several more NM pulls. Nothing too hard. Last pull from this area is an EXT with a SMN NM and a NIN. Kill the NM fast and save the NIN for after! After this is pulled, the BLMs can go time nuke another statue from the top of the ledge if we're low on time, otherwise it can just be pulled later from downstairs.

4 - Everyone heads upstairs, but don't run into the next pulls. It's a few easy pulls, tho they might link. One has a NIN NM(Swy), so fight him last, mages stay away.

5 - NM, MNK and SMN in separate pulls, with some other mobs.

6 - BST and MP stat, then an NM with an EXT.

After this EXT, if there is alot of time, we could get the first EXT in the formor area. If we do, mobs will be assigned to kiters and kill orders will be determined. Eyes are always killed first.

7 - Back downstairs and along the cliff, careful to stop before the end! People have a habit of running into the next pull here. Next can be a big pull, depends if it links or not. NM and a NIN with some other mobs, save the NIN for last if you can.

8 - Mobs pulled from the bottom of the ramp, NM and NIN first, mages camp near the bottom, everyone else leave the NIN on the puller until it reaches the top.

9 - Few regular pulls, MNK and SMN from the SW, sleep avatar, kill SMN first. BST and some other mobs and an NM in the next pulls, kill BST first when you see it. After these pulls, BLMs can go time nuke the next EXT from the cliff to the south. Meanwhile, a few more pulls from the east, including a SMN NM and EXT. RDM and SMN help kill statues til the BLMs get back from the other EXT.

10 - BLMs head to time nuke the last EXT on this side, careful not to get too close to the moving mobs. Everyone else camp by the tower and mobs will be pulled from the north. SMN and BLM mobs, sleep the avatar, kill the SMN first! Silence the BLM, other nukers help kill the statues while the BLMs are doing the EXT.

11 - When mobs are dead, move up to the pond area for a bunch of NM pulls. NMs are pulled 2 at a time, sleeping one, killing the other. Pay attention and be sure you're fighting the right one!

12 - After the NMs, everyone camps up against this wall. Make sure everyone has full HP and is not weak and when ready DO NOT REST OR GO AFK HERE! Do not cast magic, don't move, don't do anything.

Pulling the Boss:

A PLD stays at the top of the ramp to Fei'yin and when everyone is ready, a THF death puller(or someone with flee boots) disbands from party then runs up to the Fei'yin zone, to aggro Angra, hits Flee, and runs back south to the ramp. The 4 dragons spawn and all 5 chase after the THF.

The PLD needs to voke the eye as it passes by on the ramp. The eye will stop chasing the THF and start spamming debuffs on the PLD. PLD can then take the eye down the ramp and a little ways to the side of the ramp at the bottom. Stand out of melee range from the eye so it only debuffs and doesn't melee, it doesn't move in to melee but will melee if you get next to it.

The THF now needs to keep running all the way back to the Rangemont Pass zone, training the dragons off with it. Use Flee again as soon as you can or the dragons will catch up and hit you. Sometimes the dragons can still hit you with their abilities when you are on a cliff above them, so have an antidote ready if you get hit by poison. It is a nasty nasty poison.

After the THF passes the main group at the pond, everyone can move down to the ramp to Fei'yin. Can stand within range to target Angra, but do not get close yet! Be sure the PLD is standing on the opposite side of the group, so Angra's debuffs only hit him and not everyone else.

Now the whole alliance stands there and watches the eye spam the PLD for about 5-10 minutes until the THF gets to his designated area. When there, the THF lets the LS know then at least one BST or SMN sick their pet on the Eye, and everyone attack!

The eye will warp to another area around Fei'yin after it takes a certain amount of damage, and the pets will follow it, so everyone else follow the pets.

The dragons share hate with the eye. Their hate is reset to 0 whenever the eye warps, and they then set their focus on whoever Angra's target is. (So for example the PLD can voke all day long and they won't turn, but after the eye warps from damage, they will). So as soon as the eye warps the first time, they will head back, but we should be able to kill the eye long before they get to us.

The THF doesn't have to die, if timed right, the dragons will turn back before they catch him, if not he could re-raise, then run back to get the ??? if he can outrun them. If he doesn't need the win, can just drop glass before reaching the zone to Rangemont Pass.

As soon as Angra dies, get anyone dead people up who've has RR dispelled fast!

Click the ??? where Angra died and you should get the message:
Key Item Obtained: Hydra Corps Insignia

Double check you have the win, then drop your glass ASAP before the dragons get back.
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