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 Dynamis-Windurst Guide

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PostSubject: Dynamis-Windurst Guide   Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:16 am


START - Start here. Wait for enough people to enter.

1 - Few statues here to kill while waiting for everyone to get in.

2-3 - Continue fighting along the path making your way east. 2 MNKs pop here so be sure to kite them.

4 - 20 min extension mob pulled here.

5-6 - At the end of the bridge there there will be 2 BST mobs popped. RDMs be sure to sleep/silence the pets so they can't silencega and tanks try to keep them away from the mages.

7 - There are 3 statues here that must be cleared before moving on to the auction house.

8 - 2 SMN pop here. Be sure to sleep the avatars!

9 - Large pull here, with a 20 min extension.

10 - Regular pull here.

11 - 10 min extension pull and a few other statues.

12 - Another 10 min extension, SMN mob. After these mobs are killed move to camp 1.

13 - 2 BST will pop here and a few statues will be summoned on the bridge to the west.

14 - MP statue here.

15 - 20 min extension pull. Once these mobs are dead, everyone should back up to west of the AH. Stay clear of the puller's path!

16 - Trigger NM pull here. Puller will train everything clockwise past everyone and down the northwest bridge. A tank will pull the NM off the train and to the alliances. Kite this NM, he's a MNK!

17 - Regular pull here. After this, move to camp 2.

18 - Two statues spawn here each time a trigger NM is killed.

19 - 20 min extension, huge pull. After these mobs are dead we sneak past the death house to camp 3...

Just a subtle reminder:


Hug the east part of the wall to avoid aggro from this entire house while advancing north. This house makes a HUGE link if aggroed. AGGRO THIS AND WE LOSE.

20 - After getting past the death house, everyone has to cramp into the small path just northeast of the house (Camp 3) for this pull.

21 - Next the SMN NM will be saced. Sacer will train everything clockwise while a tank pulls the NM SMN to the alliance. Sleep the avatar as soon as it is far enough away from the house! The sacer can run to the open area past the first NM. That way they can re-raise when the train leaves and run around clockwise and sneak past the death house again to meet up with the rest.

22 - Another huge NM pull to be saced. Sacer will train everything clockwise again and a tank will pull the NM. The NM will spawn more mobs when it gets to the bottom of the stairs, so wait for them to pop before pulling the NM so they link to the sacer and not the NM puller. Kill the NM fast and don't go near the north end of the camp so the train doesn't aggro on the way back! Sacer will re-raise just past the SMN house, then Utsusemi & Flee back counter-clockwise to the start of the bridge past the SMN house and die again so they can get tractored/raised and join the group again.

23 - Sneak past the death house again, back to camp 2. More statues popped after the 2 NMs were killed. Killing these statues pops the last trigger NM.

24 - Everyone moves back down to camp 1. This NM will be saced much like the first NM, except from the opposite direction. Everyone stay away from the top of the hill where the train will pass and the front of the AH where the Boss will pop after this NM is killed!

25 - Move to camp 5 and get ready for the mega boss. Sacer aggros everything and runs as far as they can towards Heaven's Tower. Tank pulls the boss to camp.
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Dynamis-Windurst Guide
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