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 Dynamis-San d'Oria

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PostSubject: Dynamis-San d'Oria   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:58 pm

START - Start here. Wait for enough people to enter.

Two statues that pop two MNK are in one of the first few pulls. Be sure to kite them.

We do not pull the statue by the tavern because it pops 3 MNKs and isn't worth the time and risk to kill them.

If there's enough people, the alley is pulled after the fountain area is cleared. Don't move up and crowed the BLMs, camps don't move until after both the alley and the main road are cleared.

MP and HP statues pulled from the main road, and 2 15 min extensions.

At the end of the alley or main road there's a MP statue pull with NINs, Keep Barfira up.

The pulls around the first NM are either really small or really big, depending on if it links with the NM or other statues by the gate to East Ronfaure. If the NM links, sleep it and kill everything else first then have a tank kite the NM around the fountain. Everyone else move down to the armor shop. Use only nukes and ranged attacks on the NM and everyone else stay as far away as you can! NMs in Sandy use Charmga, you don't want to get hit by it. After the NM dies, statues will pop at the top Lion Square stairs, no one should be near there. Ranged and nukers should attack from the top of the stairs on the south side, only the tank should be upstairs with the NM. If the tank is charmed, sleep them and the NM until a new tank can assist.

2 BSTs near AH, silence the hecaeyes, dispelga is very annoying. Check RR and buffs if they manage to get one off. Kill the BST fast so the pets can be killed!

Few NINs and RNGs pulled from around N. Sandy. Be sure to separate the NINs so they don't blow up on top of each other! Keep Barfira up.

30 min extension and 8 SMNs in the next few pulls, make sure to sleep the avatars!

More NINs and RNGs, Barfira again. Then more BSTs.

AH is cleared next. Has some MNKs, be sure to kite them.

Next Choco stables, few pulls from inside to clear it, then everybody moves inside.

In the fenced area of the choco stables there are MP and HP statues, they are empty, so can be pulled anytime if we need full HP/MP after a big pull or NM or something. These cannot be pulled after the boss!! When the boss dies, it spawns 2 more statues here that pop 6758965 mobs, so this area is avoided after the boss.

Next pulls might link with the next NM, if it links, it will be death pulled, pull the avatar and the NM inside the choco tunnel, sleep the avatar, tank take the NM away from the group to the other side of the choco stables. Nukes and ranged attacks on the NM.

After this NM dies, the boss is spawned at the gate to North Sandy. If there is time, we'll farm toward the last EXT at the end of the west road before the boss.

Second pull from the west side has a chance to link with about a 3rd of that side. If it links, try to kill as many as you can before the puller dies. This pull seems completely random with no way to tell if it will link or not.

Few BST pulls from the west side, other then that it's mostly normal til the last EXT NM.

Last NM is a NIN, and pops 4 NINs with it. This can be death pulled if we're low on people. After the NM dies, statues pop in front of the AH that pop 4 SMNs, be careful not to be standing around there when the NM dies!

After the last NM, the SMN statues are pulled from AH front. Sleep avatars, kill fast!

Boss pull! Puller death pulls, while a tank takes it to the stables. Stay away from the fenced in area in the SE corner!

Yay, Sandy win!

Click the ??? where the boss died and you should get the message:
Key Item Obtained: Hydra Corps Command Scepter

Now there's lots to farm in Sandy, go go farming!

Most farming pulls will be brought to the choco stables, so camp stays here for the rest.
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Dynamis-San d'Oria
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