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 Dynamis-Jeuno Guide

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PostSubject: Dynamis-Jeuno Guide   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:47 pm

This is the full version of Dynamis-Jeuno but we prefer to skip certain non-essential areas to save on time and avoid having the need for anyone to warp out and re-enter, but who knows with enough of a turn out we might try for a total domination win.

START - This is where you start.

Two statues pulled from under the bridge. First one has a MNK. Sleep it until the other mobs are dead. BLMs be sure to Stun as much of Hundred Fists as you can as there isn't much kiting room here! Tank can feel free to use Invincible for this if you want. The second statue will give a 30 minute extension.

Two statues at the top are pulled next. One has an NM, the other is another time extension. Fight the NM away from other mobs, or sleep it til they are dead. Goblin Dice has very random effects, some can restore other mobs HP so best not to give them a chance to do it.

Several more statues pulled from the top. One has blue eyes, couple of the others are empty. They have a chance of linking with the next NM pull.

BST and MNK in the next pull, kill the BST first and tell the BLMs when it's dead so they can nuke the slime. Gravity and kite the MNK.

NM in the next pull, as well as a SMN. Sleep the avatar, kill the SMN first. Save the WHM for last or keep it away from other mobs.

Few pulls from the north side including a SMN, NIN and BST, in separate pulls.

Few large pulls with NMs and 2 30 min EXT. Save the WHMs for last or keep them away from other mobs. Kite the MNK.

Heading toward the south side again next, MP/HP stats in the next pull.

Two MNKs pop from the SE statue. Be sure to kite/Gravity! Then a NIN in the next pull, barfira up.

BST next, let the BLM know when they can kill the pet again.

Several regular pulls with HP and MP statues from in front of the zone to Upper Jeuno.

SMN NM from the zone, sleep the avatar and kill NM fast.

Few more regular pulls next..

Largish NM pull next, from the west side. BST in the pull, so kill it first.

Another big pull with an NM. This one has a SMN as well, so kill it fast!

A NIN on the stairs going toward the AH, barefira.

Three statues pulled from the AH. They all must be linked so it's a large pull. May take a min for them to line up right..

A normal pull from the AH, then three SMNs and a WHM NM. Have 3 sleepers be ready to get the avatars on the stairs to the AH! Kill the SMNs ASAP. Sleep the WHM NM or just let the puller kite it. MP/HP stats from this pull.

Can move camp to the AH next, or spread out between the AH and previous camps. BLMs can camp in front of the palace.

2 BSTs pulled from the palace, kill them fast and nukers help the BLMs kill the slimes.

Large pull from the stairs in the palace, with a RNG NM.

Regular pulls from most of the palace. All mostly single mobs with a statue. SMN MNK and NIN in separate pulls, be ready.

Large pull from the back of the palace here with a DRK NM. Tank with a NIN if you can.

After this pull, if there is time we can farm the basement area. Several large pulls and a few with NMs.

when ready, we will send a BLM to solo the Goblin Statue. After they kill the statue, they either drop their glass and get a new one from the late person to re-enter, or we re-clear the palace to get them out.

After the Goblin Statue is killed, the boss is popped at the zone to Upper Jeuno. Everyone should hide in the north-west corner of the AH area while the Boss is pulled. A suicide puller will train everything counter-clockwise around the square and die before the steps to the AH, far enough away to be sure nothing will aggro everyone fighting the boss at the AH, while the tank grabs the mega boss and brings it back to camp.

Ta-da, Dynamis-Jeuno complete. Once the boss dies, there are many repops, so be sure to stay well down the stairs near the AH.

Click the ??? where the boss died and you should get the message:
Key Item Obtained: Hydra Corps Tactical Map
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Dynamis-Jeuno Guide
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