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 Team 1 schedule

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PostSubject: Team 1 schedule   Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:36 pm

Hey all,

I don't remember everyone that is on team 1, but Dobar did say you were all notified. We were supposed to start runs this Thursday, but as it is Thanksgiving things probably won't start until next week. My concern is this:

1. Who is on Team 1 so that we know to look for each other: please post here

2. Is Thursday gonna be a good night for everyone to do these?

3. Lastly, since I still need Mea to finish 1-3, am I the lowest on the mission totem pole?

Give a /shout back so we can rip through these. As for me I have Dynamis on Wed. and Sat. 1 fight away from sky so not doing that which leaves Thursday open for me. I am open for doing more than one mission at a time depending on our efficiency. Also I think Dobar and Silentweapon have mentioned that we should try to get all CS out of the way during the week so we just have fights; which seems like a great idea. If someone doesn't know where to go or whom to speak with, of course we can all help out. I have a full set of shade gear if anyone wants to borrow it, since I come as SMN, or I am lvl 71 bonecrafter so if u want a set of ur own for some reason I am more than willing to synth it for you. Just let me know.
Well that seems like more than enough so I hope we blaze through these and I'm sure we will work well together.

Thanks all ahead of time and have a happy Thanksgiving!! cheers
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Team 1 schedule
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