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 Emperador's app

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Join date : 2009-04-24
Location : USA/Netherlands/Ukraine/Italy/Hong Kong

PostSubject: Re: Emperador's app   Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:14 pm

Hi Emperador,

Welcome to illuminati! We look forward to adventuring with you and hope to see you at our endgame events Smile
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PostSubject: Emperador's app   Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:47 am

Hi guys. ^.^

Name :Emperador or-Conker
Experience: ALL endgame. HNM, Sky, Sea, Einherjar, Dynamis, etc. I have experience playing all endgame events as BRD, THF,
Main jobs BRD-THF-RDM 75
WAR-SAM-PLD 75 working on it.
Other jobs above level 60:Blu 61 DRK 62 DRG 66
current LS =STORM HQNM
Previous Linkshell: Mittens HQNM
Notable Gear 5/5 HOMAM 4/5 HECA missing feet and legs ;; aquarian 4/5 missing hands ;;, wyrmal 3/5 missing body and head, nashira 0/5 /cry
and more....
I'm interested in sky,sea,limbus ,Einherjar and maybe dynamis
Area Access: Sea + Dynamis + Einherjar, sky

Experience: Sea + Dynamis + Einherjar
I'm prepared to make it to any events

My drops I want are BRD And RDM above all else, and possibly ones that will benefit my THF or Pld xp<3
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Emperador's app
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