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 Asatru's Application.

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Join date : 2009-04-24
Location : USA/Netherlands/Ukraine/Italy/Hong Kong

PostSubject: Re: Asatru's Application.   Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:41 pm

Hi Asatru,

Welcome to Illuminati!!! Your endgame and leadership experience will be very valuable to our linkshell. We hope you share what you have learned from your past experiences with us. We are always looking to improve and build on what we have so far Smile Your willingness to dedicate yourself to our linkshell is welcomed with great admiration and honor, I applaud it and thank you for it... /bow.
We are looking forward to adventuring with you into the future. Welcome to Illuminati!!!
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Join date : 2009-08-11

PostSubject: Asatru's Application.   Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:03 am

I"m Asatru.

Experience: ALL endgame. HNM, Sky, Sea, Einherjar, Dynamis, etc. I have experience playing all endgame events as blm, whm, rdm, DD, and tank.

Jobs: BLM75 with appropriate subs. RDM 71 with appropriate subs for 75.

I was an officer in the endgame LS Karasu on Titan since day 1 of the linkshell. I managed the site and coled the shell.

I'm prepared to make it to any events I sign up for, put the shell before anything else on the game, and dedicate myself to Illuminati.

I'm interested in Einherjar only, so far, as I cannot make it to Dynamis at the late time you set it for.

My drops I want are blm above all else, and possibly ones that will benefit DRK (in progress) and RDM (in progress)

Thank you, if I missed aything, don't hesitate to ask me.

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Asatru's Application.
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