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 ENM for everyone

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PostSubject: ENM for everyone   Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:52 pm

Well the past two times we have made an attempt at the "Sheep in antilon's clothing" we successfully won with a 6 person party. This is a sign that we should continue this event!!! There are also other ENM's, that we can do. It's damn hot outside right now so i was thinking why not this Friday night let's go sledding!!! We can still do the mountain climb afterwards or reserve Attowa Chasm for Sunday, if there is still little or no Sea attendance, and if it's not done following Unlegarded Range Friday.
so yea.-------

Friday: ENM

Time 10:30-> 11pm EST gathertogether

Where: Xarcabard -> Unlegarded Range npc
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ENM for everyone
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